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Las Ruinas de la Vega Vieja

The town of La Vega Vieja was founded between the XV and XVI Epañola Island and it was established Fort de la Concepción, which defended the site of any ground attack. This is a historic place, to be erected here where one of the first two American dioceses.After the violent and unpleasant experiences of the men of Chri...

Las Ruinas de la Isabela

Ranked as one of the most visited protected areas in the Dominican Republic, La Isabela has significant historical importance as the first European site in the New World. The historic site is divided into three zones: two civilian and one military known as El Castillo.This is where excavations have revealed the outlines of what exper...

Iguanario de los Tocones

East thinks in the road that he(she) drives to the beach of Corner, specifically to a kilometre of the community of the Stumps, this one possesses(relies on) Iguanas of the race Rhinoceros which(who) is endemic of our island Hispaniola and his(her,your) populations are threatened. His(Her,Your) adult iguanas were donated by the nationa...

Berna Cave

Bern\'s Cave is located 2 kilometers from the boundaries of National Park East inthe town of Boca de Yuma.The Cave of Bern is one of the most amazing in the amount and quality of the petroglyphs have. As found in this cave about 300 figures carv...

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