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Laguna Dudu (Dudu Lake)

In the northern Dominican Republic, between San Juan and Nagua River, lies the town of Cabrera, the birthplace of this beautiful lagoon, which makes little publicity.It is a point and tourist attraction that has received little publicity. This park has 2 spas, the principal who is named Dudu blue lagoon and the other, which is slight...

Agua Azul (Blue Water)

Wonderful lake located in beautiful northern region of the Dominican Republic, belonging to this, the province of Maria Trinidad Sanchez, in which the municipality is located pickling Cabrera.This lake as its name suggests it has a nice and cool blue water is under, with only appreciate its breathtaking scenery, its visitors free of stres...

Laguna Gri-Gri

Peace transmit crystal waters and fresh and far there has been a wonderful natural area and worthy of full scrutinize. A beautiful and abundant lagoon on the edge of the coast of Rio San Juan can appreciate the purity of its waters. The lagoon Grigri invites you to internally among fish, birds, mangroves and various types of trees in addi...

Blue Hole

At only 5 minutes from the town center car starts the journey to a lush, small lake,walking through the nature of the place for 13 minutes, enjoying the birdsong, the shadows of the trees and then to scale and down a group of rocks, you will fin...

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